Carly Barton



Piano player, designer,
gamer girl
, and DJ.

Portland, OR
I love OSTs, classical music, rogue-likes, worldbuilding, and wonky dub.

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Spoiler Room EP132: Carly Barton

Spoiler Room is an audiovisual media collective from Portland, Oregon that organizes social events which are shot and mixed on analog video with a custom-built, portable TV studio. The video is mixed in real time and projected as event visuals as well as recorded as a video document for Portland cable access.

Recorded 02/16/2024 at the Smile! You Are A Camera exhibition at Kamp Gallery (Portland, OR)

FEB 2024
Spoiler Room

Orchard Vibration 2023 - Carly Barton

Live from a Hazelnut Orchard, just one hour outside of Portland, OR, Occasion Vibration annually hosts a full lineup of local and international talent from noon to sunrise—giving everyone a chance to really stretch out. 

This mix was recorded from 4PM - 7PM and boasts a healthy dose of dub and sunshine.

JUL 2023

Just A Dilettante w/ sold (Carly Barton Special)

“This show is my year anniversary of Just a Dilettante, so I am celebrating by playing the music of probably my favorite artist of all time, Carly Barton.

Carly makes some of the most unique and personal music I have ever come across. A large portion of their catalog is them traversing across different video game universes as imagined by Carly with the series "Vidya World." A classically trained pianist and music enthusiast, the spirit of curiosity and imagination is wildly alive in everything they do.” - @glorbis

APR 2023

“This months Belly Music will feature a guest mix from dear friend, Carly Barton! She prepared a beautiful 1 hour mix that I can’t wait to share with everyone.” - Cyrus

APR 2023

Peak Oil — Tipping Point w/ Carly Barton (07.22.22)

Peak oil records presents ‘tipping point’; a monthly journey through the record collections of brian and brion. Leaving no good genre unturned, enjoy two hours of esoterica, conversation and guests.”

Photo by Jeff Yarbrough

JUL 2022
Los Angeles

Avant radio mix n.81

“Avant is a radio format conceived within the walls of the University of Milan.

Investigating the most extreme as well as experimental fields in electronic music since 2019.”

This mix collages 4 turntables fueled with pain, THC, and distortion (and a handful of original tracks).

DEC 2021

pi pi pi / Absolute Zero

The pi pi pi series requests that each submission illustrate a different temperature — here, I present an impossible one, Absolute Zero. Groaning, tingling, and icy.

JUL 2021
New York
pi pi pi

Daisychain 167

“Daisychain is a movement to showcase power, beauty, and strength of DJs and artists. Like the sequencing of electrical equipment, Daisychain will connect and develop a symbiotic network of trans, gender nonconforming people and women - from all backgrounds. DJs and artists from these realms of identity will continue to find their strength in sound by showcasing their art.”

Drowsy and weird with a sprinkling of metallic glitter.

MAR 2021

NTS / Fifth World with Ian Kim Judd

“A riff on Jon Hassell's Fourth World series. Where Hassell focused on creating ritual music of potential societies that didn't exist; Ian Kim Judd seeks to evoke the notion of potential utopian societies that could exist. In these times of global instability and uncertainty, Fifth World seeks to posit an alternative, with scenes from an optimistic future.”

This mix highlights worldbuilding and storytelling through sound collage — sourcing soundtracks, unreleased materials, and shiny gems.

FEB 2021
New York
Fifth World

Time Stamps:
00:00-20:00  Ian Kim Judd
20:00-1:00:00  Carly Barton

Beyond Below / B2

Fan Club
is an intimate community-focused celebration recurring quarterly on the solstices and equinoxes of each season. To usher in the new Spring (2019), we gathered in a modest structure in the forest near Silver Falls (Oregon). The fusion of energy provided by the fresh snow and impending spring resulted in a night of mystical improvisation, becoming more hypnotic as the dark transformed into morning. This mix is a section of a near 4-hour recording using cdjs and turntables— diving into a fungi fueled trance that collages questionable tempos into new ‘scapes.

Beyond / Below is run by Dreamtone label operator and DJ, Hi-Vis.

MAY 2020
beyond / below

Elixir Mix Series DISC 1: Vidya World

The first mix in video game and OST enthusiast Emoji Heap’s mix series, Elixir. Here, I’ve selected from some of the best soundtracks from my childhood and today.

APR 2020

Bed of Roses / XXX

A tripped out adventure for Portland label, Bed of Roses.

Bed of Roses

Orifice Issue I / im here, youre here too

The theme for Orifice Issue I is LOVE. My cd, "im here, youre here too" is one of 5 pieces by visual artists included in the object.

ORIFICE (Feat. Valentino Valez, Carly Barton, Sammie Cetta, James Fink, Sean Chamberlain) (2017), Multiple Media, Screenprinted Vacuum Sealed Bag, Carabiner Mount, 9 x 12, Edition of 20.

Sean Chamberlain